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By Sarah Tokarek


The North Shuswap is located on the north side of Shuswap Lake and is accessed by the Squilax-Anglemont Road, just off Highway 1. From Skwlax to Seymour Arm, the North Shuswap region includes Lee Creek, Scotch Creek, Celista, Magna Bay, Anglemont, St.Ives, and Seymour Arm.

This waterfall tour will guide you to five incredible waterfalls in the North Shuswap. Dive deep into the backcountry with Seymour River Falls, visit the popular Albas Falls, families love Evelyn Falls, and don’t miss the quick and easy roadside stops of Chase Creek Falls and St. Ives

Onyx Falls, located in the North Shuswap. This is a non-marked trail


Start your day at Chase Creek Falls, an easy, family-friendly, 30-minute walk that leads to impressive falls.  From there, travel on the Squilax-Anglemont Road to the bustling community of Scotch Creek. Include a nourishing stop for coffee or lunch at our welcoming local shops along the way.

Toward Anglemont, you can enjoy a fun 3km (return) trail that leads to a stunning waterfall, scenic creek, and lush valley at Evelyn Falls. The perfect place to experience the beauty of the North Shuswap forest.

Travel onwards to Albas Falls in Seymour Arm. Be sure to make the quick stop at St.Ives Falls; it is marked with a small wooden sign.

Albas Falls is one of the best in the Shuswap region and is worth the adventure. To get to Albas Falls, visitors must travel 35km on a gravel and sometimes bumpy forest service road (FSR). Experience driving on FSR roads is recommended in British Columbia. 

Consider an overnight stay in Seymour Arm! There are accommodations to choose from, including  Silver Beach Provincial Park.  The impressive and rugged Seymour River Falls is located further along the forest service road.

A truly authentic waterfall experience in the North Shuswap!

Map your trip: The North Shuswap Waterfall Tour Map

St.Ives Falls, North Shuswap

Know Before You Go
Shuswap Tourism strives to ensure Shuswap region visitors have the information and resources they need to make informed decisions while travelling in the Shuswap. 
We have compiled the list below to help ensure the utmost safety and information resources for our visitors and locals alike.

Please explore respectively. Plan ahead and prepare. 

Make a trip plan and tell someone responsible where you’re going and when you expect to be back. Visit Adventure Smart:
Get Informed on how to Stay Safe Outdoors

The Shuswap Trail Alliance: Trail Saftey and Etiquette
Wildsafe BC: Keeping wildlife wild and communities safe
Wildsafe BC: WildSafeBC Bear Safety When Recreating
Shuswap Tourism: Know Before You Go
Columbia Shuswap Invasive Species Society: Trail Users



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