The Shuswap is home to seven excellent sledding areas including Blue Lake Mountain, Crowfoot Mountain, Eagle Pass, Fly Hills, Owlhead Mountain, Queest Mountain and Spa Hills. Local snowmobile clubs make your adventure memorable and safe. The Crowfoot Mountain Snowmobile Club, Eagle Valley Snowmobile Club, Hunters Range Snowmobile Club, Salmon Arm Snowblazers,and Spa Hills can all provide hints and advice for a great trip.

Voted as the favourite area for family snowmobiling destination area in BC by Snowriders Magazine, amazing groomed mountains with alpine cabins await. Sledders can choose from a wide range of terrain to suit any level, with groomed trails and snow-filled meadows for family and novice sledders to challenging steep terrain and deep powder for more experienced riders. Many of the mountain’s access are groomed, providing a smooth ride to the alpine and the day use chalet is available during the season which runs from November to May.

Caution is a snowmobiler’s best friend, Enjoy the mountain knowing you’ve checked routes for potential hazards, know avalanche and weather conditions, and are trained for and equipped with avalanche safety gear. Always sign in at the chalets and let others know where you are going.

Great guiding and rental information can be found at and view our Shuswap Snowmobile Trail Map.

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  • Carl Kuster Mountain Park

    CKMP specializes in backcountry guided tours for small groups. we offer professional guides for instruction on big mountain riding and education using the latest ski-doo technology in the winter. We offer all kinds of workshops, for all kinds of people, in summer or winter. Dirtbike or snowmobile, we tailor every detail to best suit the needs of the rider and optimize the experience. Come check out our brand new trials course!

  • Grizzly Lodge

    Grizzly Lodge

    Far from the aggressive slopes of the Rocky Mountains, the Shuswap backcountry provides over 45000 acres of accessible terrain for all riders. Pukeashun Mountain is made up of multiple peaks and rolling ridges reaching to an elevation of 7500 ft. The slopes are covered in perfectly-spaced trees and there are many subalpine lakes and bowls to be discovered.

  • Hunters Range Snowmobile Association

    Situated in the backyard of Enderby, BC is the Hunter's Range, hosting some of the best alpine snowmobiling in Canada, this vast mountainous landscape has something for everyone. Whether you are looking to explore endless meadows and alpine vistas or wanting to go steep and deep on challenging hills and bowls, over 90 km of marked groomed trails provide quick and easy access to the various riding areas and cozy warm up cabins.

  • Salmon Arm Snow Blazers

    Salmon Arm Snow Blazers

    Fly Hills snowmobile area is a fun and family friendly area to come and enjoy anytime of the day . Located only 5 minutes outside of Salmon Arm on a graded forest service road; you arrive at a great parking lot that has cement blocks placed by the dirt banks to make loading and unloading an easy task.

  • Sled Sicamous

    Sled Sicamous

    Situated in the Eagle Valley, Sicamous area hosts some of the best alpine snowmobiling in Western Canada with deep snow, powder filled open bowls, endless meadows, groomed trails, breathtaking alpine scenery and spectacular lake views. All four of our alpine areas are reached by forest service roads that are carefully groomed PLUS all four of our sledding areas offer cozy chalets to warm up in.

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